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Greetings fellow travellers,

‘Khamaghani!’ is what you will be greeted by when you come to Jodhpur. Besides salutations, it means- “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”. So Khamaghani to you friends and congratulations on choosing JODHPUR- the land of the Rathores- as one of your stops in India.

We ourselves have travelled extensively abroad and have come back and opened our home for fellow travellers. It is our pleasure to welcome you into our home – MOHAN NIWAS.

Mohan Niwas was built by my father-in-law, Maharaj Madan Singh (belonging to the Maharajah family of Jodhpur) in 1980. We have a 9 bedroom house out of which we let out 5 rooms during the tourist season.

In the evening if you are up for some company, please feel free to join us in our living room. Alternately, I am sure a home cooked meal would be welcomed by you after having dined out in restaurants and hotels. Having said that there are times we feel the guests want to be alone, so we leave it entirely upto you.

We sincerely hope to add to your India experience.
Looking forward to seeing you again.

Mrs.Chottu Singh.


Mrs. Chottu Singh